Adding another new author to my list to be read again and again! In fact I went and bought a few of her books! I always get goose bumps every time I read a new author and end up loving them for repeat reads and a place in my library.

Vonnie Davis is a brand new author and her latest (and first for me), “Her Survivor” takes readers into the stories of the courageous and brave soldiers who guard us with their lives, and the aftermath of war and death. But let me assure that there is plenty of romance to warm the heart.


Navy Seal Dustin Frank is recovering from the trauma of losing a leg and getting acclimated to a life that will just not be normal anymore, yet he needs to make it normal to survive. Heading to Eagle Ridge Ranch to surround with his army brothers to recuperate, never did he dream of a life that comes in the bookstore owner Kelcee Todd.

Inheriting the bookstore that she loves with all her heart, Kelcee Todd is all set to step into the next chapter of her life. Strong and independent, warm and compassionate, supportive and kind, Kelcee Todd has a lot to be grateful for and has a baggage of past to unload.

Together Kelcee and Dustin are at each other’s throats, together they set the sparks on fire and together they sizzle between the sheets, and together they have to overcome a danger from the past, if they want to have a chance at a future together.

Vonnie Davis does a brilliant job of caricaturing Dustin as the struggling war veteran, giving us an insight into the lives of these brave wounded soldiers, fighting the nightmares of death and tragedy, yet giving them hope as they cling to the support and warmth of friends and kind people. Kelcee Todd is a firecracker of a woman, going toe to toe with Dustin as his better half.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Dustin and Kelcee, along with the supporting characters, and the thrill of looking forward to a new series as Vonnie Davis lays foundation to the Black Eagle Ops with the first book, “Her Survivor”.

Received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest review.