Brenda Novak has set her bar pretty high with “This Heart Of Mine”, which happens to be my super top favorite story of hers…and will remain so forever. Having said that she has introduced us to the Silver Spring series and The New Horizons Boys Ranch in the first book of the series, “Finding Our Forever”, another emotional and engrossing series, and the second book in the series, “No One But You”, will take you on another ride of forgiveness and love, with Dawson Reed and Sadie Harris at the center of this heartwarming love story.


Having being acquitted of murdering his foster parents, all Dawson Reed wants is to build his farm, bring his special needs sister back home and live a quite life, away from the judgmental eyes of the Silver Springs townsfolk. Easier said than done, when he hires Sadie Harris to be a caretaker and housekeeper for her sister.

Trying to finalize her divorce with her abusive cop husband, Sadie Harris needs is a decent job to get keep custody of her son, and be independent and build a steady life with her son. Accepting a job as Dawson’s housekeeper has the town gossiping and her abusive ex becoming dangerous and evil.

It started a bit slow for me, but once the story got into the thick of things, the plot moved with great strides. Another wonderful story by Brenda Novak, of two people who find love amidst danger and gossip, who care for each other and courageous enough to defy threats and go to any lengths to keep each other out of harm’s way. This story questions our morals and opinions about life changing incidents, about giving people second chances, of being influenced by power and judgments, and of forgiveness and love.

A story that needs to be read to fully enjoy it’s content. And when Elijah, Gavin and Aiyana make an appearance that is just the sweetest icing on the cake!

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.