I adore reading series featuring siblings, matchmaking elders, and families going through rough times despite being billionaires just showing that they are human as well. A new series by Ruth Cardello, “The Westerly Billionaires” are here to entice us, charm us and warm themselves into the readers’ hearts.


Heiring the series, Brett Westerly, being “In The Heir” to the Westerly Corporation, along with the corporation comes a legacy of split families and divided loyalties, creating friction among the siblings. But a new twist by the family matriarch throws Brett Westerly into a loop with Alisha Coventry, the supposed fiancé of his brother.

All Alisha Coventry wanted was to help a friend get his inheritance and help his family who has been like the family she never had. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think of being attracted to her supposed fiancé’s older brother. Yet circumstances break the fake engagement leaving her vulnerable to pain and heartache and also for Brett to woe her and what can be better than a cruise to get the love of his life.

A great start to the series, Brett is the quintessential billionaire, having lost a lot and trying to bridge the gap with his siblings, the peacemaker and the golden child to run the legacy, his character so very lovable, humble and humanly relatable. And his perfect complement, Alisha is the most loving and kind person you can come across, her desire to help friends, honest and open minded, one of the best characters that Ruth Cardello created and these two just make a stunning couple.

Great start to a series, “In The Heir” is a wonderfully charming story of family dynamics, love and forgiveness, and looking forward to the next sibling to get hitched. And the cover is gorgeous!!!!!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.