This Midnight Series continues the saga of its incredible brave soldiers, fighting for justice, protecting the innocent from incomprehensible evil and as part of this elite group, Nick Mancino will do whatever it takes to protect and serve, whether it is his country or the love of his life in Lisa Marie Rice’s latest, “Midnight Fever.”


The beautiful and brilliant scientist Kay Hudson has a thing for Nick Mancino, but a deadly biological weapon seems to have gotten her attention, putting the top officials in imminent danger not to mention the innocents. But Nick is not one to be sidelined and with his brothers in arms beside him, they will eliminate the threat at any cost.

I love these Midnight thrills with their brilliant storylines, and not to mention the ultra brilliant heroines, and their kickass partners. Lisa Marie Rice is a pro at these and I never miss reading any of her books.

Short but captivating, Lisa Marie Rice gives her readers an adrenaline ride of danger and passion, love and support, giving importance to relationships and friends. The Midnight series may connect the events and characters in each story, but each of them can be read a standalone.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.