Violet Duke needs no introduction. A brilliant writer of contemporary romance, if you haven’t read her before, you are missing some ultra charming love stories that get straight the heart. Coming up later this week is book one of her new series Juniper Hills, a new set of characters, their fears, and insecurities, hope and love, a new town of warm and caring people, and what is going to be a captivating series for the readers.


Jack Rowan is trying to get his life back in construction after a stint in prison for a crime he never committed, but made a choice to sacrifice for his brother. A job instigated by his brother takes him to Juniper Hills, and his one and only love since his teens Emma Stevens. A perfect opportunity and yet a scary one to mend the relationship with Emma, and “All There Is” for Jake is patience, perseverance and some luck to get the love of his life back into his arms.

Emma Stevens has made a life for herself and her sister, leaving a past that burned to the ground, yet the guilt of losing her stepbrother to a fire never left her heart. Running a successful bakery and having made a fresh start, coming face to face with the boy next door she had loved and hates, was something that she had ever dreamed. But now thrown into a situation with Jake helping her fix her bakery, “All There Is” left for Emma is to let go of the past and giving this second chance of love giving it a shot.

Every book of Violet Duke’s always seems to give me a glimpse of the author herself. Endurance, hard work and perseverance is the norm of her heroines, as well as in real life and she reiterates the fact that there are so many good people in this world who are kind and helpful, and that all is not lost. With a positive attitude and courage, she pours her heart and soul into these wonderful stories of love, forgiveness, hope and faith.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review