Continuing with her wonderful series, “From Manhattan With Love”, Sarah Morgan extended her series to the extended family, and each book is a treasure trove of fun, emotions, romance and charm.


With Daniel finally settling down with Molly, looks like fate is pointing it’s finger towards Felicity Knight aka Fliss and her handsome and sexy vet Seth Carlyle and did I mention that he was also her ex-husband, once upon a time.

With lots of unanswered questions, a terrible past that widened the gap between these young lovers, and a love that refused to die, destiny has different plans for Seth and Fliss. Escaping to the Hamptons from New York to avoid Seth, she literally ends up in the same place has Seth…talk about karma and fate!

Seth will not let Fliss go this time, and Fliss has a bucket load of insecurities to overcome and accept the fact that she never was able to let Seth go. Filled with some witty and emotional conversations, opening herself to family and friends, overcoming the fear of love and loss, Sarah Morgan created Fliss to perfection. With immense patience and love, tenacity and understanding, Seth is one of those book boyfriends, you wish was in your life.

Sarah Morgan’s “From Manhattan With Love” series is utterly charming, whimsical and enchanting as the magic of New York spreads to the extended family. And looks like Cupid is ready to strike the second Knight twin.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.