There’s something very addictive and seductive about Susan Stoker’s various series of courageous and brave soldiers, their fight for justice and the fierce protectiveness of their loved ones.


“Claiming Felicity” book four in the Ace Security Series is another exemplary work of Susan Stoker’s creative writing as she brings the surprising secretive half brother to the Andersons brothers, a twist to their family dynamics.

Ryan Sinclair comes to Castle Rock, CO, after the discovery of the half-brothers he never knew about. Wanting to know his newfound family, and leaving his mercenary life behind, Ryder is more than ready to plant roots and with Felicity Jones.

Feeling from a dangerous past, Castle Rock was supposed to be a temporary stop for Felicity Jones. But the Anderson family has tied her strong to family and friendship, and leaving was becoming a far fetched idea until the past catches up with her and lands her family and friends in danger.

But Ryder and the Anderson brothers will protect their own and will do anything to keep Felicity safe. With Ryder as her self appointed bodyguard and with sparks of attraction fanning between them, and passion igniting the sheets, Ryder will do anything to protect and keep Felicity in Castle Rock for a future with her.

“Claiming Felicity” is another courageous story of a woman trying to defeat her past for a future with the man she loves. A wonderful story of family and friendship, support and care, brotherhood and kinship, Susan Stoker gives her readers another captivating thriller.

Susan Stoker is one fine writer that I was glad to have come upon and enjoyed reading her stories. From her Badge Of Honor Series, Delta Force Heroes Series to Seal Of Protection Series and now to Ace Security series, I’ve literally enjoyed every single one of her books. Protecting Caroline, Protecting Fiona and Protecting Alabama are my top favorites of her books that I’ve visited innumerable times…chicken soup for the soul!!!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.