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“Taking Home The Tycoon” is part of the series “Texas Cattleman’s Club”, is a charming love story by Catherine Mann and any story of her is a delight to read. She sprinkles the right dosage of emotions, love and insecurities into her characters, which make her stories a reading pleasure.


Max St. Cloud, cyber guru and a billionaire is in Royal, TX to get to the bottom of an Internet blackmailer harassing the residents of the town. Being attracted to the lovely owner of the local B&B, Natalie Valentine her adorable kids was never a part of his agenda. Yet here he is, setting up his home base in her B&B to resolve the problem of the blackmailer as well as that of his heart.

Being a widow and a mother of two, Natalie Valentine wants to make a life for her family in the small town of Royal, among the warm and wonderful supportive residents. Being close to Max and wanting to explore her dormant feelings of companionship and attraction is for her scary as well as exciting.

It’s really a sweet story and Max is such a gentleman and as his relationship with Natalie develops to a future, his chemistry with her kids evolve wanting to become their father. A very charming story of second chances and of finding love in surprising places…one of Catherine Mann’s captivating works.

Received an ARC from the author via a giveaway to readers.

Here’s another charming diamond in the rough short novella by Catherine Mann.

“Pursued By The Rich Rancher”, single mother Nina Lowery is not sure if she is ready to be bowled over by the sexy and millionaire, Alex McNair. Her plate is full with taking care of her autistic son, who is her entire world and getting over a past of pain and fear. Coming to the McNair ranch means only thing to her and that is for her son to be a part of the camp for special needs children.


But Alex McNair falls head over heels in love with Nina, and pursues her relentlessly to gain her affection and love. Granted he is yet to tell her that his stake in the McNair estate rests in Nina’s and her son’s hands, and he may lose everything once his secret is exposed.

A really sweet and emotional story of a mother trying to give her son the best possible resources to overcome autism and lead as normal a life can be, and a warm and kind hearted millionaire wanting to give the lady he loves all the good things she deserves in life, and Catherine Mann does what she is best at – writing a charming love story that pleases the palette and keeps the romance in our hearts glowing.

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Talk about an interesting and different story! Co-written by Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock, “The Wedding Audition” (Runaway Bride Series 2), is easy on the mind, charming to read and warm to the heart.


Runaway reality star and soon-to-be-ex-bride Annamae Jessup leaves behind a cable network show and takes a road trip to visit her roots. Her trip lands her in the apple orchards of Wynn Rafferty, a cop in a witness protection program. Annamae brings the gossip and tabloids in her wake, and Wynn tries to save her and himself from the threat of a Mafia lord.

With felines and canines for company, Annamae discovers more than she bargained for, and in the process rediscovers herself and what she really wants to make of her life. Attraction and desire spark lust and love, and Wynn and Annamae succumb to the fire of passion.

Witty dialogues and a sassy Grandma make this story even more fun to read. I have always loved Catherine Mann, and now Joanne Rock is a first time read, and this combo created a pretty magnetic story for the readers. Annamae is just hilarious and a bundle of surprises and Wynn is the ever magnetic and sweet guy who falls head over heels his raw harvest skills for the reality star.

Enjoyable and romantic, “The Wedding Auction” definitely spreads smiles.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review

I believe everyone deserves a second chance at redeeming life. Be it two legged or the four legged. We get thrown into situations by force or choice, and when that moment of break or make stares at us, we need courage, immense will power and motivation to get to the other side. And along with all that, is the need for support, a lending hand, an open heart and people not to sit in judgment, and most of all we need to find it in ourselves to be able to forgive and give ourselves a second chance.

No mean feat, considering the pain, the guilt and loss that dogs Mary Hannah Gallo everyday of her life. Working as a therapy dog trainer for Second Chance Ranch Animal Rescue and a counselor is not easy for Mary Hannah, as everyday reminds her of a life before Second Chance Rescue. A bust at a meth house brings her up close and personal with a painful past, her one night pleasure, AJ Parker and dogs in abuse.


Detective AJ Parker joins small town police force leaving behind undercover work that almost ruined him. Little does he realize that very soon Mary would become his Kryptonite. Working together with her as they train the rescued dog Holly, AJ realizes he needs to get over his scars as much as Holly, the dog rescued from the meth house. Working with Mary Hannah brings out his feelings of protectiveness and love that he had been avoiding. But Mary Hannah’s past collides with AJ’s scars, and they both need therapeutic help and who better than Holly to be the divine intervention!

Catherine Mann’s second book in the Second Chance Ranch Series, “Rescue Me” is more than a HEA. It is a story of one strong woman who had the courage to make right the wrong that she had been living. It is the story of people who want to make a difference in the lives of abused canines, even as they reach within themselves to sort their own personal trauma and pain. It is the story of one big family, with bonds made through blood and heart, humans and animals, as they support and love unconditionally

Catherine Mann is a rescuer and nurturer by nature and all that love, energy ad passion flows into her stories. “Rescue Me” is so eloquently titled, as every character in the story need to be rescued at some point or the other, be it from the past, be it the events happening in the current, be it humans or animals, or be it from danger close to home.

Rescue Me is an emotional ride of pain, love, support and most of all the possibility of second chances, only if we have the courage to keep our hearts open, and accept the promise of a better tomorrow.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

War is never beautiful. Neither are the consequences of war. It tears families apart leaving behind shards of a broken life. Some are lucky enough to go over the other side with minimum consequences, yet some are not strong enough to weather the remnants of a nightmare they endure day in day out, to give us a blanket of protection and peace.

Catherine Mann’s “Shelter Me”, a first in her new series, Second Chance Ranch, takes us up close and personal to the McDaniels, a military family dealing with the death of a son, father and a husband, Allen McDaniel. Nestled in the sunny fields of Tennessee, the McDaniel family runs a Second Chance Rescue., an operation that borders on bankruptcy and strong opposition from some neighbors.

Into this storm come two arrivals, Trooper, the fallen General’s special war dog and his guardian, Staff Sergeant Mike Kowalski. For the latter, it is a bittersweet reunion with his one-time sweetheart Sierra and for Sierra, seeing Mike again brings forth all the memories of a love that was cut short. Thrown together in taking care of the ranch, they rediscover each other, stoking the embers into a flame of love.

Catherine is very eloquent portraying the feelings of a family going through pain and loss and dealing with them. From an Alzheimer grandfather to a rebellious teenager Nathan to a war widow Lacey to a young Sierra trying to hold everything together, “Shelter Me” explores the trials and tribulations of a family who lost more than just a family member. It brings out the desperation of a wife who lost her very soul at war, a teenage boy who misses his father and does not know how to handle the grief, and a grandfather who swings between reality and forgetfulness and a daughter who puts aside her dreams to hold her family together.

“Shelter Me” is also the story of Trooper who plays a silent role taking the fallen General’s place through his own humorous point of view. I loved the way each member was given page-time for us to understand their feelings of guilt, insecurities and frustrations. It takes us on an emotional journey of loss, love and second chances, and that things will fall into place as they are meant to be. And oh my! The epilogue was ultra sweet and poignant and leaves you so very happy!

This is a great start to a new series, and I can’t wait to read about Lacey and Nathan, who hopefully get their own HEAs.

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