Elena Aitken is a classy writer. I’ve read a handful of her books and enjoyed them immensely. And it’s wonderful reading her again, as she starts a new series with “The McCormicks”.


“Love In The Moment” is what Gwen Henderson is aiming for. A total makeover and personal transformation lands Gwen in a successful blogging career, yet where the matters of the heart are concerned, isn’t everyone scared and insecure. Coming back home to Cedar Springs is bittersweet for Gwen, a past filled with unhappy memories and a person who refuses to leave her heart.

Ian McCormick is back home permanently to plant roots and start his own business in Cedar Springs. With family drama that can give the soap operas a run for their money, he can’t seem to leave them behind. And now with his stepsister coming to stay with him, and the presence of Gwen making his heart skip beats, Ian has his hands full.

As Gwen and Ian act on their attraction, living in the moment and caught up in their “Love In The Moment”, it takes only a slip of a tongue for Gwen’s secret to fall open, and hearts to fall apart. But love finds a way; trust forms a relationship and hope ignites for a future of happiness.

A well written and classy story of just not love, but of overcoming insecurities and fears, motivation and will power to works towards the positives in life, and keeping your heart open for love and friendship to find a home. Ian and Gwen are deserving of each other, and Elena Aitken gives her readers another charming love story.

Received a copy from the author as part of a promotion for an honest review.