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Katie Reus takes the readers back to Verona Bay, giving us another thrilling read as she brings Max Collins to Adeline Rodriguez. 

Max with his brothers is rooted in Verona Bay, and Adeline Rodriguez finally finds her roots in the small town as she makes a fresh start co-owning a pet grooming business. A small miscommunication leads to Adeline and Max staying under the same roof, and is a perfect intimate situation to spark the attraction between Max and Adeline into a fire. 

Life couldn’t be much more simple and romantic than this, but even small towns have their share of evil and danger. Max becomes entangled in a dangerous past that seems to threaten his family and loved ones, and Adeline has some secrets that not everyone is privy to. Max being the protector, becomes Adeline’s “Silent Protector”. But they have to work together to face this danger if they ever want to make a future with each other.

It’s always nice revisiting previous characters and Katie Reus always makes sure they make an appearance in future books in a series. Another quick and thrilling read that would appease any reader’s palette.

Received an ARC from KR Press, LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.

Interview with Author Melinda Leigh:

Detective Bree Taggert is one of your most popular characters. What is it about her that makes readers come back for more of her story? 

Bree is strong and smart, but she’s also flawed and vulnerable. She begins the series as an excellent homicide detective but personally empty. A horrific childhood tragedy distanced Bree from her family and made her a loner. Her sister’s murder triggers the desire to change that. Bree takes on her sister’s case—and her sister’s kids. Bree sees her own childhood reflected in her niece and nephew and is determined not to let them grow up as damaged as she is. In order to do that, she needs to make herself vulnerable. In accepting responsibility for the children, she starts her own road to healing. 

I believe readers want to root for her. They want to see her overcome her violent backstory. She often does what is right, not what is easy or comfortable. In each book, she not only solves a murder, she also makes a small step toward healing, with readers cheering her on.

You have published five books in this series so far, but in Her Second Death you write a prequel story. What made you want to show Bree on one of her first homicide cases? 

I wanted to show the evolution of Bree’s professional life before she begins her personal journey. She is a complex character, and I’ve enjoyed exploring all aspects of her development.

In Her Second Death, Bree is assigned to investigate a violent crime. Tell readers a bit about the case and how she and her new partner Dana Romano work to find the killer. 

Bree begins the story as a brand-new homicide detective. She and partner investigate the crime in the usual fashion, but Bree brings her own past to the table. She provides unique insight that helps her solve the case.

Bree finds a personal connection to this crime almost immediately. What effect does her own early family tragedy have on her handling a missing child case? 

The case immediately strikes a familiar—and disturbing–cord in Bree. But she can’t allow her personal discomfort to interfere with the investigation. She’ll have to relive her past to solve the case.

What is next for Bree?

The next Bree Taggert novel, Dead Against Her, will be released in May. In it, Bree will need to face a more recent demon, the murder of a former deputy with whom she has a personal disagreement. When she took over the job of sheriff, Bree inherited some misogynist deputies from the previous, corrupt sheriff. In Dead Against Her, this conflict comes to an explosive and violent head.


Her Second Death Excerpt:

The medical examiner pulled out of the Ford’s interior. “No rigor yet. Livor mortis isn’t fixed yet either. Cold would slow decomp, but he’s relatively fresh. Died very early this morning.” He closed his eyes and his jowly face screwed up as he did the mental math. “Six to eight hours ago, roughly between midnight and two a.m.”

Which matched the times on the surveillance video. “Detective Romano?” Reilly called. “CSU is here.”

As soon as the ME removed the body, the crime scene unit would take over.

“Do we have a next of kin for the victim?” Romano asked.

Reilly nodded. “He’s married to Kelly Tyson.”

“Let’s go notify Mrs. Tyson.” Romano turned back toward their vehicle. Once behind the wheel, she rubbed her palms together, then pulled a pair of leather gloves from her pocket and tugged them on.

In the passenger seat, Bree blew on her freezing hands. Romano peeled away from the curb.

“Wasn’t a robbery.” Bree rolled the facts around in her head. “They left cash in Tyson’s wallet. Also, they didn’t take the car. Drug deal gone sour?”

“We have no idea what happened, other than a guy got shot.”

“You don’t like any of those theories?” Bree asked.

Romano shot her a direct look. “I like evidence, not theories.” 


About the Story

Title: Her Second Death

Author: Melinda Leigh

Series: Bree Taggert Prequel

Release Date: December 7, 2021


When a man is shot in the head, Bree Taggert and her new partner, veteran detective Dana Romano, respond to the call. They break the news to the victim’s ex-wife and learn the estranged couple’s five-year-old daughter was supposed to have been with him. What starts as a murder investigation quickly morphs into a desperate search for a missing child. The case stirs memories of Bree’s own traumatizing childhood. To find the little girl, Bree will have to relive her own terrifying past.

Author Biography

#1 Amazon Charts and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh is a fully recovered banker. Melinda’s debut novel, She Can Run, was nominated for Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers. She’s garnered numerous writing awards, including two RITA nominations. Her other novels include She Can Tell, She Can Scream, She Can Hide, and She Can Kill in the She Can series; Midnight Exposure, Midnight Sacrifice, Midnight Betrayal, and Midnight Obsession in the Midnight novels; Hour of Need, Minutes to Kill, and Seconds to Live in the Scarlet Falls series; Say You’re Sorry, Her Last Goodbye, Bones Don’t Lie, What I’ve Done, Secrets Never Die, and Save Your Breath in the Morgan Dane series; and the Bree Taggert novels, Cross Her Heart, See Her Die, Drown Her Sorrows, and Right Behind Her. She holds a second-degree black belt in Kenpo karate, has taught women’s self-defense, and lives in a messy house with her family and a small herd of rescue pets. For more information, visit www.melindaleigh.com.

Social Media Links

Website: https://melindaleigh.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melindaleighauthorpage 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MelindaLeigh1 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melindaleigh1/ 

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5141609.Melinda_Leigh 

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Imperfections are what make us humans. No matter how far wrong we have gone, we can always turn around. Takes lot of courage, non-judgemental support and unconditional love to follow this path, and finding forgiveness from the places we hurt is the ultimate in redemption. 

Meet Chase Wilde. A warrior at heart, but fighting demons of the unthinkable. With stilted family dynamics, and trying to make a fresh start, he’s at the crossroads of his life. His saving grace is his adorable daughter and the mother of his child, Shelby Payne

Hardworking and a loving mother and with her heart belonging to Chase Wilde since she was a teenager, Shelby Payne is the ultimate crusader for Chase, supporting his struggles, and helping him chase his demons. With a troubled past of her own, yet with courage, she creates an intelligent and remarkable opportunity for Chase to come home – to a home, a family, and a chance to make a life of his own.

Both Shelby and Chase may be in love with each other, but they have shadows of evil dogging their backs and they need to put them to rest before they can become a family. Then and only then “Chase Wilde Comes Home”, truly and forever.

Jennifer Ryan always had an exceptional writing and narrative skill and no review will do justice to any of her books unless read in person. Her narrative always makes me emotional, be it a situation between a father and son, siblings or between lovers. They are poignant, realistic and so very true to the circumstances in the plot.  

She has set precedence to another intense series as the Wyoming Wildes take the readers on an exhilarating ride!!!

Chase Wilde Comes Home on March 29, 2022

Received an ARC from Avon And Harper Voyager via NetGalley

“Trusting Cassidy” is the last of the Silverstone Towing Series as the last man standing, Leo Zanardi, aka “Gramps”, gets a second chance at reclaiming his love.

Gramps and his teammates are tasked with rescuing his high school love, Cassidy Hewitt and her son from the clutches of a kingpin in Jamaica. Rescuing Cassidy may have gone according to plan, but for Cassidy and her son to live a normal life is a struggle as they are still hunted by evil they thought was behind them. It will take the entire Silverstone team and the courageous Cassidy to put an end to this danger, before Leo and she can make their dream of becoming a family, a reality.

I sure will miss this series, but I also cannot wait to read the next series of books that are coming from Susan Stoker.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance, via NetGalley for an honest review.

Katie Reus visits Red Stone Security bringing us another quick and intense read as Ivy Danger faces off not only a physical danger but also the danger of losing her heart to her best friend, Nash Harris. As an art recovery expert, Ivy leads an interesting and fulfilling life professionally, but her heart seems to call for home and Nash Harris. 

New minted operative for Red Stone Security, Nash Harris has always loved Ivy and when circumstances lead them to fake a relationship, he jumps in with his two feet! And when Ivy’s life is threatened working her new case, Nash is right with her covering her six. 

This is such a witty story and the dynamics of the Danger family and the dialogue is just a super fun read. It’s always wonderful to re-visit the original characters of Red Stone and makes you go back to read the entire series all over again. But each story is a standalone and playing catch up on the series is just pure reading pleasure to the new readers.

This light and quick read from Katie Reus is perfect for the romantic at heart.

Received an ARC from KR Press, LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.

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