The Red Stone Security Series by Katie Reus is one of favorites to-go-to-when-I-need-a-lift kind of books, utterly captivating, intense and full of passion and danger.


“Sworn To Protect” takes us on a fast and furious ride of danger, love and passion as Athena ends up as an employee with Red Stone Security where Quinn is already working. Past dates and a break in their relationship a few months ago does not deter their attraction for each other and Quinn wants to be Athena’s first and last love…forever.

But an ex-cop from Quinn’s past life is on a road of revenge and Athena ends up been his target. With danger and death stalking them, love and passion riding their hearts and with the team of Red Stone Security and Serafina on protective mode, Katie Reus gives us another super charming, short and ultra delectable story.

Short as it is, Katie shows her writing prowess in bringing a good depth of character to Quinn and Athena. It is always wonderful to visit the many agents and alpha males that comprise Red Stone Security and Serafina.

A wonderful series that I’ve revisited countless times and will do so countless times!

Received a copy from KR Press LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.