I first read Laura Griffin through her Glass Sisters Series about a year ago, and since then have been religiously knocking out her books in the list. The Glass Sisters series was brilliant and I was so fascinated with her narration and writing, I’ve read, re-read and re-read that series countless time!!!


Her Tracer Series is no exception to her writing prowess, and enjoyed every single book of it so far. And so it was wonderful to finally get to her latest book in the series, “Beyond Limits” where a Navy SEAL and an FBI agent together as they race against time to save the innocent from terrorists.

I think the first I’ve come across Elizabeth LeBlanc and Derek Vaughn was in “Scorched” (don’t quote me on this ;)), and I hoped that they would get a chance to get to know each other well. Derek comes into some Intel of a terrorist cell on US soil, and Elizabeth gets roped in by her special team, and inevitably they run into each other as they try to unravel the terrorist plot before thousands of innocent people die.

As danger dogs them at every turn, Derek and Elizabeth have some unfinished business with each other, a business that involves the sparks of love and hearts that refuse to listen to logic. As they thwart the terrorist plot with help from Delphi Center, Derek and Elizabeth need to make decision about a future that doesn’t look promising. Derek and Liz do absolute justice to their characters, with their subtle romance, loyalty and courage to their country beyond and above the call of duty or their hearts.

“Beyond Limits” is another breathtaking read of danger and suspense, love and passion, loyalty and trust with a nail biting finish.

Received an ARC from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via NetGalley for an honest review.