I don’t recall ever reading Roxanne Snopek, although feels that I should know her writings. But “The Cowboy Next Door” in my opinion just did not make my heart skip a beat, shiver in anticipation or tingle me happy.


I’m really not sure what did not work for me in this book, but I get the feeling that the story was pieced in a hurry with no proper development of characters. Granted Leda is a young and single mother, but not that young to sound immature, confused, and childlike.

Past rodeo star turned agent Eric Anders is organized, efficient, and can’t stand to see anyone being hurt or cheated of what they are entitled to in life. And in this case, he wants to help Leda get what she’s entitled from the jerk who left her pregnant.

Somehow Leda and Eric just did not click as a couple. Age has never been an issue for me, but “The Cowboy Next Door” sure did not tingle my senses or draw me into his love story with Leda. And Leda’s character really did not ignite any empathy or sympathy. The characters just lacked chemistry and that special bond, which draws a reader into their story.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.