Before I start off on the review, a few sparkles for the uninitiated – Love, Diamonds and Spades is book 2 after Love, Chocolate and Beer (Luke and Danica). Violet Duke has released Love, Tussles and Takedowns (Lia and Hudson) as book 2 initially, but now that all changed just because of her love for her fans. Violet Duke being the ever-loving Violet Duke, she pampered her fans with Love, Diamonds and Spades as a dedication to her readers, outside of her original plan for the series.

So the sequence of her Cactus Creek Series –

Love, Chocolate And Beer – Luke and Danica

Love, Diamonds And Spades – Rylan and Quinn

Love, Tussles and Takedowns – Lia and Hudson

Love, Exes and Ohs – Isaac and Xoey (Coming Mar 2015)

…and hoping she doesn’t stop there!!!!


Now on to the review – Rylan is one of the sexy alpha citizens of Cactus Creek, who owns a successful landscaping business and also runs a band. And from the moment Quinn stepped into Cactus Creek as Luke’s business partner, he was hooked, line and sinker.

Quinn is a divorced mother and has endured a painful past to make a future for her son Cooper in Cactus Creek. She has been playing hide and seek with the sexy singer and the chore gambler for a while before she succumbs to his wooing and charm.

And together Rylan and Quinn steam the pages with their sweet wooing, the sublime passion that ignites between them, the tip toeing around each other as they spar with repartee and the pure and precious love that develops between them is a reading pleasure.

Cartwheels all the way!!!

Violet Duke never ceases to amaze me with her positive attitude, her zeal for life, her perseverance and her amazing talent of writing super delicious and charismatic love stories. As much as every line is consumed with wit and fire, you cannot miss the fact that she creates her characters with her heart and soul. She does a brilliant job of creating that sense of simultaneous narration of her stories, yet each book of Cactus Creek can be read as standalone. But trust me when I say, you’ll be panting to read every single book in series.

“Love, Diamonds And Spades” is a simple love story of Rylan and Quinn, with the whole town of Cactus Creek, playing a role in their story. I love how Violet pulls in secondary characters and family into the story, be it Rylan talking to his parents about his love life, or the captivating dialogues that flow with ease among the residents, you can’t but help feel so warm, fuzzy and protected by the unconditional support, love and care that roots in Cactus Creek.

And let the Ohs and Ahs begin as Xoey tries to keep her relationship with Isaac platonic!!!!!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.