The saga and the thrill at Sweetwater Ranch continue with the fifth book in the series “The Deputy’s Redemption” by Delores Fossen. The series can be read as stand alones, but reading them in sequence is so much more satisfying.

Deputy Colt McKinnon of Sweetwater Springs comes face to face with a past that turns out to be a battle against danger and saving his family from death. Saving Elise Nichols in the dead of the night from a killer was not on his menu and neither is the attraction and love he had for all these years flare up and consume with a passion, a love dangerous enough to put his family at risk.


Elise Nichols grew up with the McKinnon family, and now fourteen years later returns to Sweetwater Springs as the star witness in Colt’s mother’s trial. Elise is not immune to the attraction and love she had for Colt all those years ago and having him safe her life only strengthens her love for him. But being the star witness with revelations that can tear apart the McKinnon family, and a killer stuck to her back, she has no hope of building on a desire that she may never live to see.

The McKinnon family gets under your skin, and you can’t but help read the series. Delores Fossen keeps the suspense going strong as she weaves a story around each member of the McKinnon family. She does a brilliant job of incorporating sub plots, without losing sight of the primary plot or its key elements. And so true with her writing, Delores doesn’t cut corners creating Colt and Elise, two strong characters, needing each other yet independent, fighting for justice in the face of danger, and courageous enough to accept their feelings in the midst of deathly chaos and follow their hearts.

“The Deputy’s Redemption” is another sizzling story of redemption of love, of forgiveness and acceptance and of a family that supports and protects their own, no matter what. With danger dogging every page, adrenaline coursing through every word, and with love and trust on the line, “The Deputy’s Redemption” is a must read.

Received a copy from Harlequin Intrigue via Net Galley for an honest review.