The Brodies continue to heat up the cold Alaskan winters!

The third in the trilogy of “The Brodies of Alaska”, the oldest Brodie brother Rafe has his job and time cut out for him as he fights for his love and tries to survive the evil lurking in the Alaska wilderness.


Olivia Chandler has left behind a life of death and has escaped to the wild Alaskan state by the sheer determination. Changing her identity and self, she immerses herself in running the “Pelican” and staying low. Keeping to herself and staying out of Rafe’s radar gets tossed out when one of the locals gets murdered and the fear of her dangerous past comes kicking to her present. Now she has to keep herself alive and try not to fall in love with Brodie to keep him safe.

Rafe Brodie runs a successful charter business and when his first mate ends up dead, he gets into the thick of things trying to find the murderer. Giving him company in this search is the beautiful and aloof Olivia Chandler. There’s intense attraction and undeniable chemistry that brings them together. But Liv’s secrets may keep Rafe away or their love for each other may give the courage and strength to face the danger together, as one unit.

There is no doubt that Kat Martin writes some of the most interesting and captivating romances with mystery and her characters are ultra protective, super savvy and always fighting for justice. I love Rafe and Liv the best of the trio so far. With her inner strength, courage and kindness, she is the perfect partner for Rafe, the ex-water search and rescue alpha, with a kind heart and a supportive friend and citizen.

Another fascinating story of suspense and romance, evil and death, love and forever, “Against The Tide” will keep the readers engaged and thrilled!

Received an ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley for an honest review.