I don’t recall reading Carol Marinelli before, but “Bound To The Sheikh” is one of the most surprising, captivating and well written reads I’ve read in recent times. Transcending boundaries and continents, this is an emotional and charming story of a widow, finding second love and a passion that seems boundless.

Having lost her invalid husband very recently, Emily finally gets back into her profession as a corporate flight attendant, a career that she enjoys a lot. But having tended to her invalid husband for the past eight years, she has lost herself in the pain and tribulations of taking care of him until his death. And now finally she wants to let go of her past, and enjoy the colors of life that just seems to be on the horizon…and the horizon delivers Sheikh Ashim, Crown Prince of Alzaquan.


Sheikh Ashim, the charming prince, the heartbreaker and the ultra savvy, super rich soon to be king, is totally taken in by Emily and her beauty. Wanting to leave his playboy days behind and find a wife, Emily seems to fill his heart with happiness and warmth that he wants to have forever. But with cultural boundaries and customs becoming a hurdle, Sheikh Ashim needs to play his cards well to please his father and make Emily his wife.

Carol Marinelli has done a fabulous job crafting a beautiful story of Emily as the widow trying to move on with her life, and embrace the moments of companionship and passion that has been missing in her life. There are so many instances in the story that touches your heart and makes you feel the pain and insecurities that Emily is feeling. And Ashim, despite his royalty is a smooth gentleman and has enough empathy and love for Emily to lend an ear and shoulder, and ultimately bound Emily to him, forever.

A definite lovable, charming and passionate read!

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.