Rachel Grant’s “Evidence Series” continues to enthrall the readers with its intensity, excitement and power play of politics across continents.

Book five of the series, “Covert Evidence” takes the unsuspecting underwater archeologist Cressida Porter into a world of danger, terrorism and death that has her running for her life. And covert CIA operative Ian Boyd is hot on her trail, as she becomes the suspect of carrying evidence that may prove disastrous to a lot of super rich people in various countries.


A simple planned and scouting trip turns into a dangerous game of hide and seek as Cressida tries to comprehend the situation she has been thrown into unwittingly. With Ian guarding her and saving her life one too many times, she has the daunting task of keeping her wits as she decides if Ian Boyd can be trusted.

All Ian had to do was secure the target and the evidence that Cressida was supposedly carrying. He never anticipated the flare of attraction or the desire to protect Cressida at the cost of his mission. And love definitely was not part of his mission. And yet love and trust becomes an expensive weapon that takes him to the edge of death. With betrayal coming in from the inside, Ian has his job cut out, with his career on the line and the Cressida’s life in his hands.

“Covert Evidence” is my favorite in the series so far. I loved Ian with his quiet demeanor yet pulsing with energy and fire. He had so many layers of emotions that were peeled at every turn on the run. Rachel Grant does a great job with his character; I couldn’t help falling in love with him, and the same with Cressida. Her courage, her tenacity and her trust in Ian gives her an aura of strength. Loyalty to her friends and her willingness to fight for her love and friendship makes her even more alluring and brave. And the chemistry and teamwork between Ian and Cressida is sizzling and plain hot.

Received an ARC from All Night Reads via NetGalley for an honest review.