I’ve missed Hope Falls and it’s totally orgasmic to revisit it and the wonderful characters have made the Hope Falls Series memorable and unforgettable.

The sister duo of Melanie and Shawna take the readers back to Hope Falls, to Shelby Kellan and the sexy and private Levi Dorsey. Shelby is coming back home to the safety of her family and the support of her friends, to escape a traumatic and abusive breakup. Hiding the truth from family and wanting to recuperate emotionally as she decides her future, Hope Falls is the perfect safety net. Or so she thinks until she faces Levi and ends up working in his bar.


The quiet and private ex detective Levi Dorsey wants to keep his life that – quiet and private. And private with his thoughts of Shelby and the perfect kiss they had shared more than a year ago. A kiss that had ruined him for any other woman, and an attraction and lust that only Shelby can cure. And working together everyday puts him on the edge of a precipice!! And his love for Shelby would always have him keeping her under his protective embrace.

Another simple, charming and a perfect love story, with all its imperfections, Melanie Shawn weaves magic to my heart’s content with Shelby and Levi. The detective in him realizes the pain behind Shelby and yet gives her the space to trust him enough with her fears. As for Shelby, as educated and savvy she may be, it takes courage and immense strength for any woman to break away from domestic abuse. She needs support, love and the security of family and friends, to protect and help her mend and as that abused woman Shelby is just perfect.

Captivating and charming, sizzling and hot, emotional and intense, “Perfect Kiss” is simply a perfect love story that would appeal to the heart and leave a smile of pure happiness.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.