The Ultimate Series by Lori Foster is a brilliant compilation of a group of friends, protecting their neighborhood, engaging young kids to keep them out of trouble, creating a haven for troubled teenagers, and throwing muscle in the ring when called upon. And in between all this, they have their own personal demons to face and fight for the love of their lives.


Book four in the series, “Fighting Dirty”, finally gives Armie Jacobson his story of pain, redemption and love. As a badass MMA fighter and being the best, he’s got girls falling for him, but his heart beats only for his Rissy aka Merissa Colter. And of course she’s got be his best friend’s sister.

Merissa Colter is classy, independent, tough and a nurturer by nature. She loves her group of friends and she loves Armie to death. Of course convincing Armie of that fact is altogether another fight that she needs to muscle through. Armie and Rissy make an engaging couple what with their witty banter and chemistry flaming the sheets.

I’ve always loved the way Lori Foster makes sure all bases are covered in her romances, be it supporting characters, closing loops and paying attention to details. The whole concept of young MMA fighters taking care of their community is rich in education as well as giving the readers a captivating romance to warm the heart.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.