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Second book in the “Lazarus Rising” Series is just as fast paced and adrenaline ride as Subject Two aka Flynn Haddox and Dr. Cecelia Gregory are dodging the bullets to stay one step ahead of the people hunting the super soldiers.


With his entire past burned down to ashes, Flynn literally is the dead man resurrected, gunning to end the threat hunting Cecelia and the super soldiers created through the Lazarus project. Having defied death once, Cecelia wants nothing more than to put the entire disaster behind her and take a chance at a future with Flynn.

With his best friend Sawyer Cage and the creator of the Lazarus Project, Elizabeth and with some very rich and resourceful friends in tow, Flynn and Cecelia have to fight their way through mind games, and the evil manipulations of an enhanced solder “Subject Five” who was a serial killer in his past life!

Impressive as always, Cynthia Eden’s plot of super enhanced soldiers, the scope of technology that can be created and used is pure genius and mind-blowing. “Keep Me Close” is another brilliant story as Cynthia Eden continues the series with Flynn and Cecelia, their fight for survival, and the fight to save the surviving soldiers, and to get to the bottom of the iceberg, and destroy it once and for all.

Received an ARC from the author and Hocus Pocus Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

New series to captivate…new book boyfriends to drool over…new romances to warm our hearts. Haven, Montana is the new setting for Jill Sanders new series and as she brings Tyler McGowan and Kristen Howell “Closer To You”.


Tyler McGowan is thrown into running the family’s oil business after his father’s death, a job he takes seriously and to heart, working hard to make sure the legacy becomes strong and rich. And definitely has no plans of selling it to anyone no matter how enticing and beautiful on two legs may be.

Convincing Tyler to sell his business is the means to her goal of getting to the top of the corporate ladder. But Kristen Howell never dreamed that the resistance can be stubborn and damn sexy with alpha tendencies, and she never thought her heart would get entangled in the take over.

As attraction flares, so do the evil forces around Tyler and Kristen, as they seem to be headed into trouble waters. But the tenacious Kristen and a determined Tyler will have to join heart, body and soul to protect what they care for. A very interesting and captivating story of love and intrigue, betrayal and lies, “Closer To You” is a great start to Jill Sanders’ new series.

And as always, Jill Sanders delivers a story worth reading. The chemistry between Tyler and Kristen is fiery, the equation between the brothers and mother is a treat to read and the suspense and intrigue is strong enough to keep the readers captivated.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

Her Last Goodbye -May Never Come

Melinda Leigh’s “Morgan Dane” series became a roaring success with Morgan and Lance forming a great team as they fight for justice and their personal relationship seems to be simmering on the edge as they test those grounds.


Book two of the series; “Her Last Goodbye” takes Morgan and Lance on the hunt for the perpetrator who kidnapped a young mother. With a secondary plot intertwined into the main storyline, Lance and Morgan have to use whatever resources they have to unravel the person and mystery behind the kidnapping.

What you see may not always be what you get, and behind an innocent life may very well be an evil lurking, misleading and deceptive. And this is exactly what Lance and Morgan need to decipher to make sure this wouldn’t be “Her Last Goodbye”. Amidst the danger is the sublime romance between Morgan and Lance, taking another step forward in their relationship.

With a twisted plot, Melinda Leigh gives the readers a captivating second read in “Her Last Goodbye” as Morgan Dane settles in with her new life, her kids and family, danger and romance all rolled into one big package of suspense, love, family and support.

A fabulous read!

Received an ARC from Montlake via NetGalley for an honest review.

Soldiers. Protectors. Redemption. Resurrection. Rising.

Welcome to Redemption Harbor! Katie Reus’s brand new series, with a new set of alpha soldiers serving their country and fighting for their loved ones, unconditionally and unequivocally.


The series started off with a blasé in the first book, “Resurrection”. The saga of the brave continues with “Savage Rising”, literally as Zac Savage is tasked with the job of protecting Olivia Carter and her daughter.

Olivia Carter has made a new life with her daughter as a successful business-owner, far away from a life that was hosting heists and bordered on death. She may have left her past behind, but the past refuses to leave her alone, as the one person she fears comes back for her and her skills to run a job, sending her to Redemption Harbor to her close and bad-ass friends Skye and Colt.

Running a covet business with his friends to save lives and protect the innocent, Zac Savage is instantly drawn to Olivia and her daughter, as he’s roped in to go undercover as Olivia’s possessive boyfriend, a job that is becoming more of a reality than an undercover operation.

As Zac and Olivia try to outwit the threat that dogs their lives, it becomes even harder for them to outwit the attraction that flares between them. And Savage will rise to lay down his life for the woman who has become his life. With a captivating story, Katie Reus once again takes the readers on an adrenaline ride of heist, bullets, betrayal and friendships…. and add in a bit of humor and “Savage Rising” is a stunning read!

Received an ARC from KR Press LLC, via NetGalley for an honest review.

Catherine Bybee is one of the most beautiful and entertaining writers I’ve had the pleasure of reading and re-visit several times and here she is with another interesting series, “First Wives Series”.

“Fool Me Once” is the start of this series and boy oh boy, isn’t it a totally novel concept of a plot. The foundation of the series, Alliance in itself is so very fascinating and the coming of the First Wives Club is even more enthralling and riveting.


As the attorney for Alliance, once divorced and founding member of the so called First Wives Club, Lori Cumberland sets off on a cruise with recent rich divorcees, to keep them out of the limelight and to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation from the media. She definitely doesn’t need Reed Barlow to throw a wrench in her plans.

Reed Barlow is on a mission to gather intel, not fall in love with the cynical attorney. Yet he cannot keep his distance from Lori and the attraction sparks lust and eventually don’t accept-it’s-love mode. The cruise becomes their dating platform and secrets are just on the horizon to bring a storm.

“Fool Me Once” is an absolute surprise of a read. There’s so much intrigue and suspense, sublime romance and the chemistry between all the players is an absolute pleasure to read and enjoy. Lori and Reed, other members of the First Wives Club, and not to mention Lori’s partner in crime running Alliance and her team of security, this story is adventurous, romantic and truly stunning!

Catherine Bybee is one amazing author you don’t want to miss reading. Her stories are based on real life events, there’s humor in anxiety, emotion in passion, trust in distrust and love in many different ways. She is a master in bringing out the best in her characters and penning a story that brings out her very best.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

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