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I love Elisabeth Barrett! I’ve read her Star Harbor series innumerable times and have enjoyed that many times. Yet “The Best Of Me” fell short of my best expectations. But it can definitely be read once. I just can’t re-visit like I do with the Star Harbor Series.

Jane Pringle is trying to make a life for herself and her young son, far away from a past that threatens to impact her future. Working as a pastry chef fulfills her professional passion, and her boss seems to fill her heart. Hardworking and independent, she’s learned not to rely on others except herself.


Preston North comes from a lineage of powerful business family in New York, yet he could not escape the insecurities and betrayal of his family, and almost gives into alcohol. But sheer determination brings him from the gallows of despair to making a name for himself as a reputable and powerful businessman

Falling in love was never a part of a plan for Jane and Press, yet fate throws them together. But with so many uncertainties and insecurities riding high, they have an uphill battle to reach their happy ending.

As much as the story is captivating, I missed the chemistry between Jane and Press. Somehow they didn’t make a place in my heart, and I couldn’t relate to them as I did with Elisabeth’s other characters.

All in all, I wouldn’t miss reading Elisabeth Barrett. She is a great writer and I can’t wait to read her more

Received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via Net Galley for an honest review.

Oh My Gosh!!!! How I missed reading Jill Shalvis and her humorous stories of love and passion, wit and humor, with alpha males and sassy heroines burning the pages of the book and wanting Cedar Ridge, the place to be in for her readers.

I love Jill Shalvis for the simple fact of narrating stories with realistic endeavor, so down to earth and her sense of wit in even in serious situations is just priceless. Hudson Kincaid and Bailey Moore are just that – kind, loving and every readers dream!


Bailey Moore has seen the world at the happiest pinnacle and experienced the pain of almost losing everything. But now she’s back on rebuilding her life one moment a time and helping create a mural for the Cedar Ridge Resort is one more step towards fulfilling her desires. Meeting Hudson and falling in love was never on her list.

Hudson Kincaid has seen his share of pain of loss, yet thrives on running the ski patrol of his family resort and rescuing people in danger. He lives on the edge yet meeting Bailey really shows him what the dangerous edge can be. He falls for Bailey and his kind of love is once in a lifetime of wonderful.

A wonderful story of courage and support, family and friends, love and romance, fear and insecurities, and emotions galore, “My Kind Of Wonderful” is a heartwarming story as Hudson and Bailey brave fears and uncertainties to be together.

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via Net Galley for an honest review.

I’ve always liked Lora Leigh. She writes some gritty dark romances and some adrenaline pumping romances. Her “Men Of Summer” series is just as compelling and captivating.

Ex-Navy Seal Jazz Lanacing knows that the woman he’s attracted to reminds him of a friend long lost and gone and can never come back. Yet he can’t seem to keep his distance from Annie.


Annie Mayers is back in her hometown after the death of her beloved uncle, but she keeps to herself and her job as a teacher. She refuses to acknowledge her past feelings for Jazz to keep him safe and her identity a secret.

But fate is funny that way and destiny brings Jazz and Annie together. With Annie’s secret out in the open, Jazz has to move heaven and earth to keep her safe from the clutches of her mafia family. With danger and deceit lurking in the shadows, Jazz has a monumental task of putting his trust in that very family to keep Annie safe.

Second book in the series, “Wicked Lies” is gritty and a dangerously erotic read of two people bound by the past and victims of the present. And Lora Leigh does what she always does the best, write stories of ultra protective alpha males and courageous females who overcome adversity and pain to live what rightfully belongs to them.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.


Win Me Over – Won Me Over!

“Win Me Over” is one of the most entertaining books I’ve read this year and Nicole Michaels is fast becoming one of my favorite to-go writers in recent history. An ex-pro player and football coach with a painful past and a positively, sassy dance coach cum bakery owner make for a combustible love story, and there’s no shortage of insecurities and hurt that these two have to endure to get their HEA, makes one heck of a story.


Football Coach Bennett Clark is more than a football coach – he is a mentor for his players and takes personal interest in their lives to keep them in line and out of trouble. He’s seen his dreams break into pieces and he wants to ensure his students are prepared for life’s surprises, both good and bad.

Callie Daniels is a self-made businesswoman, running a bakery and being a coach to the dance team at the local high school. Independent, kind and ever helpful she makes Bennett’s heart dance to her tunes and loses her heart in the process.

Nicole Michaels did a brilliant job of scripting emotions of love and pain, loss and gain, support and friendship of a couple wanting to dance to a HEA. With a good narration and a charming ensemble of characters, “Win Me Over” is a winner for me.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via Net Galley for an honest review.

Anyone who’s read Samantha Chase’s last Montgomery book knows that we got a glimpse of Zach Montgomery and his life and his right hand lady Gabriella and her life within the Montgomery business. And let’s not forget the matchmaking uncles and their manipulative plans to push their kids in the right direction of love.

What can I say about Zach Montgomery? An athlete and a successful businessman on a constant run, he is virile, strong and never is dependent anyone. Living by his own rules and getting things much easy than most others, a mountain climbing accident leaves him numb, dependent and totally out of control. Never having to ask for help, the situation only makes him a grouch and uses his disability to push away his family and friends.


Gabriella has been working long enough with Zach to know his every move and the torment he is going through. But she can be equally stubborn and tenacious to help Zach get his life back into control. Patience and love for Zach motivates her even further to war off the meanness that Zach seems to throw at her.

Samantha Chase does a brilliant job characterizing a strong man who goes through pain and helplessness, mental and physical torment, the long journey of recovery and the emotional upheaval he finds himself in. You want to help him, kill him, shake him and knock his head with a baseball bat to have him see and listen to some sense, but then that is the amazing writing of Chase.

Gabriella will want to make us cry and hug her at the same time, give her pep talks and tell her to find someone worthy of her, she makes us proud of her individuality and loyalty, hope and faith that things will get better. She is an amazingly strong and loving woman who values family and ethics, friendship and relationships, and never gives up on things or people that she cares for life.

And there you have it. “I’ll Be There” is another entertaining story of a Montgomery brother, who really has to work hard to get the love of his life, and gain back her trust to have a future with a promise to be there forever. And Samantha Chase sure has grown leaps and bounds with each story she’s been weaving and wowing her readers.

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review.

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