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It’s always a pleasure reading Nora Roberts and I will honestly admit that I can be totally biased where she is concerned. And in my opinion, no reviews can do justice to her stories.


“Mind Over Matter” is a republish and it is very nice visiting her characters, David Brady and A.J. Fields, total opposites that destiny seems to bring them together. David’s search for a psychic to star in his paranormal documentary brings him to A.J. Fields, an agent. As they pit against each other during the interviews and the filming, sparks flare and so does love.

Nora Roberts is a master at weaving stories of intrigue and passion. Her flair of writing needs to be read to enjoy her art and every time I read an intimate scene in her books, it is a rhythm of passion and a lyric of love. I loved Aurora Fields as she tries to fend the attraction for David, and David himself is a worthy character of her love. Add in a couple of surprises and “Mind Over Matter” is a pleasure read of suspense, love and family.

Received an ARC from Harlequin Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

Book two in Marina Adair’s Sequoia Lake series, Ford Jamison makes “Every Little Kiss” count to woo and protect Liv Preston and her adorable little boy.


After her husband’s death Liv Preston moves to Sequoia Lake with her six year old for a fresh start and her main goal is to make sure her special needs son can transition into his new life and get back the smiles he seems to have lost. Working hard and trying to fight life’s everyday battles, Liv never saw the spark of second chance living right next door.

Head of the K-9 Division in Reno, Ford Jamison comes to Sequoia Lake to make sure the past that he cannot seem to forget is managing life alright. As a search and rescue member, he understands loss, gut instincts and rescues, but he never would have thought his heart would get in the way of his life, and the past would speed bump his future, with secrets that may take Liv and her little boy away from him.

Another heartwarming story from Marina Adair, “Every Little Kiss” is a beautiful story of second chances, redemption and the warmth of friendship and care, as serene and gorgeous as Sequoia Lake and it’s residents.

“Every Little Kiss” is sweet, filled with promise and a lifetime of love.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

Kyle Ames: Seduction. Pursuit

Hannah McIntire: Enticement. Temptation

And Sapphire Falls is witness to another romance. This time it is their very own and lovable doctor Kyle Ames and the woman who had left him a couple of years ago, Hannah McIntire and who is now back in Sapphire giving him nightmares of the erotic kind!


Well-laid plans go awry. Kyle’s game of seduction and Hannah’s supposedly rejection of his pursuit falls apart as they both know that the love they feel for each other was never erased. With the “supportive” and “gentle” nudging of his friends, with romantic grandmothers thrown into the equation of bringing these two together, Kyle and Hannah never stood a chance of getting separated a second time round.

Erin Nicholas does what she is the best at; writing charismatic love stories in Sapphire Falls, a quintessential town with some sexy alphas and sassy heroines, lovable and warm elders and extended family that come for a visit and succumb to the magic of Sapphire Falls. What always gets me with her stories is her depth of portraying relationships. Be it humor and fun, love and care, support and friendship, they are all so well placed and eloquently written, it is very hard not to laugh and cry, sigh and gasp, frown and pout with her characters.

“After You” is a story of pursuit and seduction for Kyle and Hannah. And for the readers an enticement and temptation they can’t avoid.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

Susan Stoker is one fine writer that I was glad to have come upon and enjoyed reading her stories. From her Badge Of Honor Series, Delta Force Heroes Series to Seal Of Protection Series and now to Ace Security Series, I’ve literally enjoyed every single one of her books. “Protecting Caroline”, “Protecting Fiona” and “Protecting Alabama” are my top favorites of her books that I’ve visited innumerable times…chicken soup for the soul!!!


“Claiming Alexis” is book two of the Ace Security Series, and is just as captivating and engrossing as her other works. As part of the Ace Security, Blake Anderson wants nothing more than to make their security company a success and protect and serve. But the new intern, Alexis Grant is giving him nightmares of the lust kind.

With a wealthy background that she doesn’t want to be a part of, Alexis Grant wants to prove that she can make it on her own, and she can make a very good undercover agent for Ace Security. As she goes undercover with a local gang that has deep roots, history and secrets that she needs to undercover to put an end to the gang.

And as always with these undercover jobs and as brave and courageous she is, the job becomes dangerous and she gets targeted for death. If Blake has anything to do about it, “Claiming Alexis” is on his game plan, and he’s going to make sure that the love of his life stays safe right next to him.

I just love Susan Stoker and her works. Her writing is intense, her characters charismatic, her plots entertaining and her narration are tight and emotionally charged to keep the readers engrossed and enthralled. And she’s one of those accomplished writers of shorter romances too.

For readers who haven’t read her, “Protecting Caroline” is free – a perfect opportunity to read Susan Stoker and enjoy her books – follow the link

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance, Amazon Digital Services LLC, via NetGalley for an honest review.

Soldiers. Protectors. Redemption. Resurrection.

Welcome to Redemption Harbor! Katie Reus’s brand new series, with a new set of alpha soldiers serving their country and fighting for their loved ones, unconditionally and unequivocally.


First book in the Redemption Harbor series resurrects the supposedly dead CIA agent Skye Arevalo, as she rises from the ashes to save a pregnant doctor kidnapped by a brutal cartel. As she single handedly rescues the doctor and takes her across the border, she comes face to face with the very reason she faked her own death – Colt Stuart.

Trying to reconcile to the death of his lover was and is a nightmare for Cole Stuart. But now facing the breathing and living Skye brings out all the anger, questions and lust that never died away. As he faces the truth that Skye is alive and there’s a traitor in their midst, Colt will do everything in his power to protect his loved ones.

The opening pages of “Resurrection” is a powerful narration of brothers in arms and their unconditional support for each other, hurting and loving for others, and the entrance of the courageous Skye Arevalo forever will be one of my top, multiple re-reads scenes, and I’ve already revisited those pages a few times now!

Katie Reus started the series with a blast! As she brings Colt and Skye together for a second chance, she also introduces the other characters coming into play in her later books. Definitely looking forward to more of Redemption Harbor!

Resurrection hits the bookshelves on July 11, 2017

Received an ARC from KR Press LLC, via NetGalley for an honest review.

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