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As a voracious reader, I thrive on simple, charming and mushy romances and I feed off of convoluted, crazy and evil mind gamed characters created by authors. Both require hard work, immense passion for their characters and getting into the minds of their characters to give them individuality and depth.


Book 3 of the Callahan/McLane series, “Spiraled” literally takes the readers down a twisted path of a guy hell bent on creating havoc and targeting law personnel and on the other end of the spectrum, a mentally unstable sister makes Ava McLane wonder if she can ever be sane around her. And in all this mayhem, Detective Mason Callahan questions his stance beside Ava and is he prepared to put a ring on her finger?

As the OSO and FBI try to get to the bottom of mass shootings in public areas by young adults, Special FBI Agent Ava has her own demons to fight as her sister makes an appearance in her life. She questions her support for her sister, her love/hate relationship with her and the guilt she feels for dragging Mason into her spiraling life. And the question remains if Ava can survive the emotional upheaval of her sister, even as she struggles to keep death away from her.

“Spiraled” is just not about a demented guy wanting revenge; it is so much more about the progress of the relationship between Mason and Ava. They may face danger every day in their job, but their personal space is equally affected by their jobs. Kendra does an awesome job of showing the progress of their relationship from their first case to now. The trust and love, the companionship and support, the maturity and understanding of each other, is what makes them stand apart and be able to handle the fears and insecurities in their lives.

“Spiraled” is another of Kendra Elliot’s crowning glory, that keeps you guessing of the end game, and the narration of story and placement of situations is just apt and engrossing. And yes it can be read as a stand-alone, but you’ll be tempted to read how Ava and Mason met in the first place.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

Kendra Elliot’s third installment in the Callahan/McLane Series, “Spiraled” is all set to take the readers into a nightmare of danger and death, testing the very foundation of their love and trust, and will their relationship spiral out of control as Ava’s twin Jayne plays havoc in their lives…


FBI Special Agent Ava McLane solves crimes; she doesn’t witness them. When she’s trapped in a mall without her weapon as a shooter picks off victims, she hides with a wounded teen and prays for her survival.

But that’s only the beginning…

An epidemic of mass shootings has been launched across Oregon. The young shooters terrify the public, committing random murders before taking their own lives. The task force assembled to solve the case—which includes Ava’s boyfriend, detective Mason Callahan—remains stumped. And on top of this chaos, Ava’s troubled twin sister reappears, throwing Ava’s already-tumultuous life into a tailspin.

An old-fashioned cop with a strong sense of duty, Mason struggles to find the cause of the shootings as the workaholic Ava spins ever closer to breaking down. But can one detective save the lives of countless innocents—and prevent the woman he loves from going over the edge?

Publisher: Montlake Romance

The Bones Lady has done it again! Kendra spins a tale as smooth as silk, soft as velvet and comes up with a storm.

The disappearance of an 11-year-old girl brings FBI agent Ava McLane and local detective Mason Callahan under one roof. For Callahan, this is personal, as the missing girl happens to be the stepdaughter of his ex-wife.

Two mothers, two dads and another’s child!!!  The Fairbanks family is no screaming divorce family from TV, everyone gets along well with each other…. stepdad has positive things to say about cop dad. 

So what is the motive for Henley Fairbanks being kidnapped? And that is the 323-page question. Kendra’s done a brilliant job of keeping that suspense until it was time to be revealed. Each page was a revelation of bits of information as the law enforcement tries to piece the puzzle together. And as the puzzle starts to fall into place, the emotions and secrets of the family come to light. And as the past and the present collide, Ava and Mason try to understand their growing feelings for each other.Image

“What would you do if I kissed you right now, Agent McLane?” he drawled. Special Agent McLane ticked a lot of his boxes. Boxes he’d never known existed. And right now, he wanted to see what kind of flames they could create.

Mason and Ava are Kendra’s crowning glory. Dedicated to their job, focus in their quest for justice, despite issues in their lives, they create enough ripples of passion and intimacy as they try to get to know each other. This is just the beginning of a relationship that will go through a journey of ups and downs as they deal with personal baggage. But nowhere does the lust and passion take away from the desperation and pain of a family trying to get their daughter back or the grave and critical situation of the kidnapping, as the FBI races against time to get to the bottom of it.

He believed in Karma. His plan hadn’t gone completely as expected….It was time for the next phase.

I really, really, really was in the perpetrator’s corner of sympathy. More than evil, it’s just Elliot’s powerful narration of feelings and helplessness, that takes us on a thrilling ride to a final showdown, a showdown that had me so mixed up with emotions of sadness and the unfairness of life.

“Do you remember asking me if I’ve ever loved someone where the emotion was totally out of my control? Where someone physically feels the other person moving about in the other world? That exact feeling is growing inside of me. I’ve felt precisely what you described, and I want to continue to experience it everyday with you.”

With a lot of twists and turns, relations and trust put to test, and with a past that comes haunting out of the blue, “Vanished” is one book you don’t want to miss. And keep an eye out for more of Mason and Ava, a relationship that will evolve through its natural course of life.

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An amazing ride of suspense, passion and thrill…..a start to a brand new series from RWA’s Golden Heart Finalist


I devour books and make that a romantic thriller and I’m a goner! Anyone who grew up on Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, love Nora Roberts, Karen Rose and Stephen King just to name a few, you will fall in love with Kendra Elliot’s books.

When an eleven year old is abducted on her way to school, the FBI doesn’t waste a moment, sending agents to scour the area and embedding Special Agent Eva McLane with the distraught family. In the eye of the storm is local detective Mason Callahan, whose life is crumbling to pieces – he’s related to the victim and his lifelong confidential informant has been murdered.

Both he and Agent McLane hole up in the victim’s family home. Every second counts in a kidnapping case, and the stakes keep rising the longer the girl is missing. As Ava and Mason struggle to hold the family in their darkest hour, the two investigators find themselves drawn to each other.


Her new book “Vanished” is going to hit the stands on June 17, 2014. Sink your teeth into a sneak peak of the first chapter of her forthcoming book – VANISHED

Mason Callahan hadn’t seen Josie in three months. The leanness of her face and the indentations above her collarbones told him she’d lost weight. In a bad way. Time hadn’t been kind to her, and the scabbed sores on her cheeks hinted that meth was probably the new love of her life. There’d been a time when he’d fought a bit of an attraction to the woman. She’d been sweet and eager to please, a pretty woman in a wholesome-country-song sort of way. She and Mason shared a rural background and a similar taste in music that’d made her more enjoyable than his other confidential informants.

But now she’d never work with him again. His fingers tightened on the brim of the cowboy hat in his hand, and he swallowed hard at the sight of her contorted body on the floor of the bathroom in her cramped apartment. Anger abruptly blurred his vision. Someone had taken a baseball bat to her skull. The murder weapon was dumped in the shower, blood and hair sticking to the bat.

“Holy mother of God,” muttered his partner, Ray Lusco……

Want more? Then all you have to do is follow the link below for the complete first chapter –



And if Kendra is a first for readers, check out her “Bone Secrets Series” – Hidden, Chilled, Buried, Veiled and Alone.


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