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It’s wonderful reconnecting with Lisa Marie Rice and her books. Somewhere along the long stream of books, the Midnight Series has become the witching act. So going back to the handsome, sexy and all alpha protective soldiers was such a sweet reunion.

“Midnight Promises” brings Felicity Ward and Sean Aiden “Metal” O’Brien together under the roof Lauren. Felicity arrives in Portland, OR to surprise Lauren, her virtual “Runner”, and ends up being cut open by a secret past, the minute she lands in Portland. With her life hanging in the balance and her extreme smartness at its peak, she literally falls into the hands of Metal at Lauren’s doorstep.


The minute Metal holds Felicity in his hands, his protective instincts kick into high gear along with feelings of possessiveness and lust. As he helps Felicity heal at his home, he falls for the Russian beauty, mind, body and soul. Felicity is drawn to Metal and for the first time she lets her guard down and actually opens her heart to love, support and friendship.

With an unknown danger lurking in the shadows, Metal and Felicity try to unravel the history behind her parents’ defection to the US and the reason KGB has targeted her. With the help of the Metal’s security company and their members, they race against time to save the lives of the innocent, and put and end to the evil nuclear threat.

Metal and Felicity are just an adorable couple and are my favorites of the series so far. There is calmness in them even as the chemistry sizzles between them. They have an understanding and trust between them, even as they put their lives at risk to save the innocent. And they have a wealth of love and passion between that would last a lifetime.

Fast paced, compelling and a passionate love story, “Midnight Promises” delivers the punch!

Received an ARC from Carina Press via NetGalley for an honest review.

“Winter and its long, frigid nights were coming. This week’s mild weather was merely a temporary reprieve, a delay of the unpleasant and inevitable months of cold darkness breathing down Philadelphia’s neck…At this point in the game, my biggest concern was that someone would discover my captive…” the evil thinks and plots…

The crime has been scripted. The action choreographed to the last detail. And the web around the usual suspect has just gotten a little bit tighter, as Melinda Leigh takes us into the deceit and dangers under the midnight sky, in her latest book “Midnight Betrayal”. How evil can evil get? 

Curator Dr. Louisa Hancock and Conor Sullivan have a past in Maine that binds them with some unusual circumstances. Moving to Philadelphia, to start a new life, Louisa gets drawn into a killer’s mad game of hide and seeks. The disappearance of interns working at the museum brings back Conor Sullivan into her life, as he becomes the prime suspect due to circumstantial evidence. 

MidnightBetrayal-Reveal-MelindaLeigh-Aug 2014

As Conor and Louisa wage their own investigation into the killings to clear Conor’s name, they battle immense attraction for each other as their insecurities and betrayal from the past holds them hostage to accept what the present is offering to take the relationship into a future. Two characters etched to perfection with impeccable imperfections!

Melinda Leigh did a brilliant job of narrating the story with so much passion and suspense; you forget that you are reading a book. Not even once does she give us a whiff of a hint as to who the killer may be. Not until you reach the last few pages of the thriller, the evil is revealed!!! She’s done such a great job of holding the interest of the readers to the very last word, and it is no mean achievement.

The whole essence of a good thriller rests on maintaining the suspense, an element of surprise and the tone of guessing in every page, and Melinda has exploited all those to the fullest extent. From her first book “She Can Hide” to her latest, “Midnight Betrayal”, she has progressed into an amazing writer of romantic suspense and thrillers.

Midnight Betrayal is a page-turner with a story rich in excitement and anticipation, deceptive and malicious, endurance and support, love and passion. 

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.


A life long lover of books, Melinda Leigh writes some real fascinating crime thrillers taking her readers on roller coaster rides of intense passion and hatred. She’s become one of my top favorite writers, to always read.

From her advent of her “She Can Series” to her debut novel, “She Can Run”, being nominated as the Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers, to her Midnight Series, she’s had a very successful run. I for one am always amazed with her variety of dark and deranged characters of evil to her equally strong women who can more than counter their evil nemesis. And sometimes adding a sprinkle of paranormal sure makes it dicey!

Her latest release “Midnight Betrayal”, slated for September 2 release, is the story of Dr. Louisa Hancock, trying to escape her troubled past and her journey with the one man she almost gave her heart to, Conor Sullivan.
MidnightBetrayal-Reveal-MelindaLeigh-Aug 2014
Curator Dr. Louisa Hancock left behind Maine and her troubled past for Philadelphia and a job at a prominent museum. Just when it seems that Louisa’s new life is safe from her dark secrets, the body of a museum intern is found—the victim of a brutal and baffling murder.

Louisa realizes this is no random crime. And when another intern goes missing, the abduction is linked to the only man who has ever tempted Louisa’s heart—Conor Sullivan, the sexy owner of a Philly sports bar. Louisa’s past has taught her to be wary, but her heart refuses to believe Conor is guilty.

Now Conor and Louisa must dodge a police investigation—and their growing desire—as they race to find the real killer before another girl turns up dead. But trusting Conor could be deadly, especially as the evidence against him mounts…and as a merciless killer targets Louisa as the next victim.

Keep an eye out for a new series, “A Rogue Series”, a four-part series, which she is co-writing with another of my favorite authors, Kendra Elliot, slated for Fall 2014 releases.

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