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Violet Duke’s latest “Unfinished Loved Series”, is about four brothers who find love but lose only to get another chance down the years to reclaim it. It’s fresh, it’s new and it makes it even more emotional and romantic to wait for that HEA…few years from now in book time.

Second in the Unfinished Series, “Before That Promise” (Part 1) is the love story of Skylar Sullivan from the “Can’t Resist” series and Drew Lawson from the “Cactus Creek” series. Anyone following Violet’s series would remember these two when they were young and trying to fit into families and live a normal life.


Drew and Skylar are the best of friends growing up and best of friends grown up. Careers and life may have taken these two on different paths, but their path to love has always been one track and only towards each other. Super smart, handsome and intelligent Drew Lawson is the quite, silent and an angry teenager having grown into a responsible and sought after young cyber hacker consulting and providing high tech protection to some very high profile individuals and company. Christmas doesn’t sit very well with him and relationships and roots may not be in his cyber list!

Skylar Sullivan is one vivacious, spunky and smart young lady working towards becoming a social worker. Her chemistry with Drew is amazing, her crush on Drew even as a young teenager is ultra charming, and with the Spencer brothers as her guardians, it’s even funny that they never realized her love for their foster brother.

The second book in the series, “Before That Promise” (Part 1) is another short and charming love story as Drew and Skylar try to come to terms with their love for each other and make themselves a promise to be there for each other and a promise to fulfill their love for each other. Can’t wait to read the second part of their love story in “Every Promise Unspoken”…. coming soon.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

I love Jill Sanders and her Pride Series is one of top favorites. And now nothing like going to the other extreme of enjoying a mystery, psychic powers and a series that leaves us with goose bumps and more questions than answers.


“The Beckoning” is book 2 in her Entangled Series, continues the mystery surrounding Hidden Creek, Georgia. Breanna seems to be waking up in places that she’s never been to and seeing events that may happen in the future. Visions of Ethan and with an excuse to use her investigative journalism to research some occurrences, Brea ends up in Hidden Creek. And the mystery, the eerie events, and the past that seems to flow into the present, only makes this story even more intriguing and captivating.

Make sure that the series is read in sequence starting with “The Awakening” as all the characters are connected by the central plot of the series…. a disappearance and the events that seem to bring all the characters together, including the parents. With individual love stories incorporated into the main plot, Jill Sanders keeps the narration thrilling and totally spine-chilling.

Received an ARC from the author/publisher for an honest review.

To women everywhere, of any size or shape…….YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

In their honor, a fabulous read from Alison Bliss – SIZE MATTERS. Enjoy the excerpt below and don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter for a giveaway.




Author: Alison Bliss

Series: A Perfect Fit, #1

On Sale: November 29, 2016 Publisher: Forever

Mass Market: $5.99 USD. EBook: $5.99 USD


The rules of (fake) engagement . . .
Leah Martin has spent her life trying to avoid temptation. But she’s sick of low-fat snacks, counting calories, and her hyper-critical mom. Fortunately, her popular new bakery keeps her good and distracted. But there aren’t enough éclairs in the world to distract Leah from the hotness that is Sam Cooper – or the fact that he just told her mother that they’re engaged . . . which is a big, fat lie.

Sam sometime speaks before he thinks. So what started out as defending Leah’s date-ability to her judgmental mother soon turned into having a fiancée! Now the plan is to keep up the fake engagement, stay “just friends,” and make Leah’s family loathe him enough to just call the whole thing off. But Sam has an insatiable sweet tooth, not only for Leah’s decadent desserts but her decadent curves. Her full lips. Her bright green eyes. Yep, things aren’t going quite according to plan. Now Sam has to convince Leah that he’s for real . . . before their little lie turns into one big, sweet disaster.


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Size Matters, Book#1 and On The Plus Side, Book#2


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Alison Bliss grew up in Small Town, Texas, but currently resides in the Midwest with her husband and two sons. With so much testosterone in her home, it’s no wonder she writes “girl books.” She believes the best way to know if someone is your soul mate is by canoeing with them because if you both make it back alive, it’s obviously meant to be. Alison pens the type of books she loves to read most: fun, steamy love stories with heart, heat, laughter, and usually a cowboy or two. As she calls it, “Romance…with a sense of humor.”

Author Information

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Leah Martin nearly choked on her beer.

“What do you mean just pick one?” Her eyes scanned the entire bar before settling back on her friend. “Pick one what?”

“A guy, of course.”


Yeah, because it was just that simple. For Valerie, maybe. Even though they were close in size, Valerie always wore her weight better and turned heads everywhere she went. It probably helped that she had expressive doe eyes, wavy platinum-blond hair, and looked more like a cutesy toy poodle any guy would give their right testicle to take for a walk.

“I hate to tell you this, Val, but that only applies to women who look like you.” If Leah had to classify herself in that same frame of reference, she’d accurately describe herself as a Bulldog. Not only did she have the breed’s innate stubborn streak, but she also had the matching broad shoulders, wide hips, large chest, and—if she didn’t lose a few pounds—probably the same short life span. “Hippy brunettes with body image issues and smudged eyeliner don’t get the luxury of just pick one.”

“Oh, shut up,” Valerie said, rolling her eyes. “Your eyeliner looks fine.”

Yep, that about sums it up. My eyeliner is the only thing that looks decent on me tonight.

The little black dress she wore was just that—too little—and was slowly squeezing the life out of her. Especially after packing on ten extra pounds in the last few months. The sheath of fabric clung to every curve, as well as every bulge. Thank God they lived in Texas instead of Alaska or an Eskimo might’ve mistaken her for a seal and tried to skin her.

“So what’s your pleasure?” Valerie asked, not giving up. “Plenty of gorgeous men in here tonight.”

“Sure, if I squint.”

“Okay, stop being negative. You’re gorgeous, and lots of men love curvy women. I should know. Now pick one.”

No point in arguing with her. Once Valerie set her mind to something, she didn’t stop until the mission was accomplished. But the only time Leah had ever had her pick of anything was when she stood in front of the doughnut case at work, deciding between a chocolate éclair or a cream cheese danish.

“How am I supposed to know who to pick? It’s not like they wear signs on their foreheads saying, ‘I dig fat chicks.’”

Valerie shot her an exasperated look. “We’ll just establish a baseline for the kind of guy you want.”

“The kind of guy I’d want wouldn’t be hanging out in a bar called Rusty’s Bucket. In fact, I wouldn’t be here either if you hadn’t forced me to come.”

“Leah, you got dumped. Happens to all of us sooner or later.” Valerie’s voice softened as she reached for Leah’s hand. “It sucks, I know. But you’re always at work or upstairs in your apartment, which means you never leave that damn building. It’s not healthy. You can’t hide out forever.”

“I’m not hiding. I’ve just…been busy. I never imagined I’d be this swamped only a month after grand opening, and I’ve had to put in a lot of extra hours.” Leah caught Valerie’s I’m-not-buying-it expression. “Come on, Val. The wedding is tomorrow night. Everything has to be perfect because…well, you know.”

Valerie rolled her eyes. “Why does it even matter?”

“Because my reputation is at stake. It’s my cake the happy couple will be stuffing into each other’s mouths. They can choke on it for all I care, but it’s going to be the tastiest damn wedding cake they’ve ever eaten while keeling over. Everything has to go as smoothly as possible, and I have a million things to do before tomorrow night. I still need to—”

Valerie raised her hand to stop her from continuing. “What you need is a break. Let’s find some guys to dance with and have a few hours of fun before you lock yourself up in the cave again. Just humor me, okay? Now, what would say your dream guy’s most attractive quality would be?”

Leah sighed. “A pulse.”

“No vampires. Check. What else?”

“I don’t know. This is stupid.” Leah caught the disappointment in Valerie’s eyes and groaned. “Okay, fine. I guess I’d want…”

Her gaze sifted through the crowd, landing on two men at the bar. While the one standing motioned to the bartender, the other rolled up the sleeves of his blue button-down shirt, drawing Leah’s attention to his tanned, muscular forearms. When he finished, he bumped his elbow against the other man’s ribs and said something that made them both laugh. The warm, amused smile he wore sent a zing of pleasure through Leah, like she’d been given a intravenous shot of serotonin. Him. I’d want him.


If I thought “Lyric And Lingerie” was a laughing riot, “Harmony And High Heels” kicks it up notch as Lyric’s twin sister Harmony Wright turns every normal act into a humorous mess of consequences, annoys and frustrates the once bad boy Dalton Mane, and talk about opposites being attracted, and these two are made for each other.

The good girl personal is left far behind when Harmony visits her twin, and her bad girl persona, bikes and boots, bars and fights seem to attract her to no end giving the tabloids plenty of gossip and a tinge of intrigue whether there is one or two Wright sisters.


Dalton had no idea the hurricane that hits him when he comes face to face with Harmony is going to create wonderful chaos to his tidy and organized life. Once the leader of a bike gang and now the respectable manager of the Forth Worth Wranglers, getting involved with Harmony is just going to erase the harmony of his life.

Co-written by Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski, the second book in the Ft. Worth Wranglers Series is just one of the best romantic comedies I’ve read in a long time. This is one of those rare books that has the right amount of humor, down to earth characters, the precarious situations that can happen to anyone and mostly the dynamics of a family, and the strong bond between Harmony and Lyric even as they are as different as night and day.

And I loved Tracy and Katie for keeping the story so very strong in narration, the bond between Heath, Lyric and Harmony is family perfect, the witty banter and the chemistry between Harmony and Dalton is just ultra charming, adorable and totally sexy. And they are just perfect! And the unforgettable Tre is just the icing on the cake!!!!

“Harmony And High Heels” gets more than five stars from me and it’s a reader’s pleasure.

Received an ARC from the authors for an honest review and as part of the blog tour.


As Yet Another Year Blew

Smarter, Cleverer You Grew

Closer To Being An Adult

Mature, Sure And Exult


Always Will Be A Daddy’s Girl

Smiles, Pouts And Twirl

A Piece Of Mommy’s Soul

Makes Me And My Heart Whole


Charming, Lovely And Beautiful

Bubbly, Fun And Bountiful

Respect And Empathy In Eyes

Warmth And Kindness Wise


Life’s Achievement You Are

Bright As A Shining Star

With Dreams In The Heart

Purpose And Stride To Start


Seventeen Kisses And Seventeen Hugs

Countless Blessings And Wishes

Ups And Downs Is Norm Of Life

Shun Fears To Believe In You

For You, We Are Always Here

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I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

L. R. Nicolello

I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

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I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

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I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

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