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The Westerlys sure are heating up the pages with their love and romance as they try to find their place as well as their future partners. I’ve always loved reading series featuring siblings, matchmaking elders, and families going through rough times despite being billionaires just showing that they are human as well.


The new series by Ruth Cardello, “The Westerly Billionaires” is exactly that and book two of the Westerly Heirs, “Up For Heir”, is just as enticing and charming. Self made billionaire and with lots of family secrets, Spencer Westerly is caught up in his work more, than playing to the fall-outs within his family. But then his grandmother is not one to give up, and with some help and manipulation comes Hailey Tiverton, the one and only woman Spencer had ever loved.

Life threw a curve ball in the young teenagers lives, breaking up Spencer and Hailey. Now Hailey is the guardian of her niece and circumstances bring her as the companion for Spencer’s grandmother. And the stage is well set for both these estranged lovebirds to put to rest the past and create a future.

Along with the siblings finding the love of their lives Ruth Cardello pays special attention to the chemistry among the family members as they try to mend broken relations, pain and betrayal. “Up For Heir” is another great read as the Westerly Billionaires steal our hearts.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

If I thought “From Manhattan With Love”, was a fabulous love story of Felicity Knight and Seth Carlyle, wait until you read her twin sister, Harriet Knight’s walk into the sunset with her doctor Ethan Black…it’s just stunning!!!!


Sarah Morgan’s latest and up coming, “Moonlight Over Manhattan” is just as magical and mystical as the festive Christmas time in the Big Apple. The kindest, the sweetest, and the shy Harriet Knight wants to go through the “Challenge Harriet” and go beyond her comfort zone, a challenge that lands her in the ER and to the existence of ER doctor Ethan Black.

Circumstances and a dog bring Harriet and Ethan under one roof, long conversations and dog training brings them close, and the attraction and lust brings them under the same covers. But the beauty of this love story is in the conversations, the brilliant chemistry between Ethan and Harriet, the emotional and kind interactions between Harriet and her world of people, and the courage and empathy of making new friends as Ethan and Harriet navigate the delicate lanes of love and relationship.

“Moonlight Over Manhattan” is a must read to savor the magic of romance, the mysteries of relationship, the spectrum of fears and insecurities, and the support of friendship and family. Words and reviews don’t do justice, and make sure every word is read to enjoy this beautiful love story.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.

Gosh! I can never get tired of reading Laura Griffin and her “Tracers Series” is one of the best romantic suspense and one of my top favorites.


Book #12 of the series, “A Touch Of Red” brings CSI Brooke Porter and Homicide Detective Sean Byrne together as they get involved in a grisly murder investigation. As they get deeper into the investigation, the possibility of a young witness to the crime, takes Brooke deeper into the case than required, becoming a target for the killer. With Sean having deeper feelings for Brooke, the case becomes personal as well as deadly as he tries to protect Brooke.

It’s hard writing a review for a thriller without giving away spoilers. It’s always a pleasure to revisit her amazing characters of this series as they keep making appearances in the various stories. And as the Delphi Center and the Wolfe Security co-exit and crossover, it only adds an element of suspense and danger to this series, making it even more irresistible to avoid and get caught up in the danger and evil surrounding these characters.

Laura Griffin is one amazing writer of thrillers as she maintains a tight plot, a balance of the dark with the light, the humor with the grim and the powerful chemistry and vibes between the main characters.

Received an ARC from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via NetGalley for an honest review.

Lindsay McKenna is one of the best military romance writers that I’ve come across and some of her books are immensely memorable and have revisited numerous times. Along with badass soldiers, she also writes some great badass cowboy stories.


Book 4 in the Wind River Valley series, gives us another glimpse into the life of army veterans, their service and courage, survival and betrayal, and the acclimating into the norm of everyday life. “Wrangler’s Challenge” is another such story of marine veteran Dair Wilson as she comes into the fold of Bar C Ranch, to start fresh.

Having lost her leg to an IED, Dair is so much more comfortable with the four-legged animals than the humans. There is still a black void in her mind as to the events that had taken away her team and her leg. And as the author say, “Healing like love, takes time”.

Noah Mabry is the animal whisperer of the Bar C Ranch and with Dair assisting him everyday, it’s inevitable for the attraction to reach the point of love. With the utmost patience and compassion, Noah guides Dair through her dark moments and when her life is threatened by a past that impaired her, he’ll lay his life down for Dair.

This was one emotional story of despair and trauma, support, compassion and empathy that gives these brave vets hope and faith that all is not lost in their fight to survive after war. This story is a testimony to the fact that there are people out there who care about others and who are willing to give unconditionally.

As always, Lindsay McKenna does another great job at a story filled with warmth, support, compassion, courage and love.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books/Zebra via Net Galley for an honest review.

The final book in the “Blood Brothers” series, “Twisted Truths” brings and end to the deadly and twisted mind of a psychopath doctor hell-bent on creating super soldiers and the beginning of a new life for Denver Jones and the start of a new era for his Blood Brothers, a future as normal as can be with family.


In desperate need of Denver’s help to find her kidnapped niece, Noni puts an almost BOLO on the internet trying to reach Denver, an act that literally puts her and Denver in the crosshairs of the evil doctor who wants Denver back at any cost. With Noni getting into his dangerous life on the run, Denver has no choice but protect her at any cost, and also bring her niece Talia safe and sound.

With bullets flying, guns blazing, and the “Twisted Truths” of his creation and parentage dogging them, Denver and Noni fight for their life as well as for the families they care about. Even as they dodge the explosions and the bullets, the adrenaline of attraction and lust never seems to be far for Noni and Denver.

Rebecca Zanetti gives a fitting end to the Blood Brother Series, as she brings the Sin Brothers into the fold supporting Denver, Heath and Logan and the ever supporting cop, risking their lives to protect justice and the innocent. It’s a fascinating read of power and control, the many facets of high-level intelligence and the dreams of an evil woman wanting the ultimate power. A very fast faced and action packed story, Rebecca Zanetti is a superior creator of some amazing stories!

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.

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