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The wait is over as Violet Duke’s latest release, “Every Night Without You”, finally brings Caine Spencer and Addison Millan face to face after seven long years of separation.

Part one of Caine’s and Addison’s love story, “Before That Night”, came to an abrupt halt when Addison disappears to save Caine’s future. And now after all these years, the union of these is just bittersweet, tender and a balm to an aching heart. Sacrificing her love, and hiding in plain sight, Addison had built a life for her and her siblings, with help from some amazingly kind people, and had created a haven for people who need a roof and food to survive. Her success is no easy feat as Violet Duke narrates her journey with so much passion, care and emotion.


Staying away from Addison was one of the toughest things for Caine, and now that he had found her, he’s never letting her go until his last breath. He’s proud of her success and now that she’s come into plain sight, he will do anything to keep her safe and protect her from any danger…and from all the handsome men she had made friends in the seven years!!! Talk about being jealous!!!!

This is one amazing narration of Caine and Addison’s reunion, as well as all the secondary characters and the Spencer brothers thrown in together as they rally around to protect Addison. The chemistry between these two is even more charismatic, the dialogues are loaded with laugh out loud wit, and the entire plot of love and mystery is just as captivating and endearing to read.

Every book of Violet Duke’s always seems to give me a glimpse of the author herself. Endurance, hard work and perseverance is the norm of her heroines, as well as in real life and she reiterates the fact that there are so many good people in this world who are kind and helpful, and that all is not lost. With a positive attitude and courage, she pours her heart and soul into these wonderful stories of love, hope and faith.


And no review will ever do justice to Violet Duke’s books. She needs to be read to enjoy her books, and if anyone wishes to try a new author, Violet Duke is the one!


Make sure to read part one of Caine and Addison’s story, “Before That Night”, where it all had started….seven years ago.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review

Kendra Elliot’s new series, takes us into the little rural town of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon, where secrets are buried deep, and the residents are perpetual preppers, waiting for a disaster to strike…. living off the grid and off of the land.

Hometown to FBI special agent Mercy Kilpatrick, a series of murders brings her back to the town she had left fifteen years and a to family estranged with divided loyalties. Coming back to her roots is bittersweet but it also awakens a deadly serial killer gone quite throwing Mercy into the crosshairs of danger.


Thrown together with the local police chief Truman Daly to assist in solving the murders, Mercy and Truman drawn into a deadly game of missing weapons and possible terrorist activities. Working side by side, Truman admires the survivalist side of her even as she makes a place in his heart. But Mercy also has secrets buried deep in Eagle’s Nest that could break the fragile bond between her and Truman.

“A Merciful Death” is a brilliantly narrated thriller; Kendra Elliot keeps the plot tight and twisted until the very end. With great attention to the dynamics of the Kilpatrick family, she weaves an intense story of family loyalties, loss and pain, hope and faith and the nuances of a small rural town’s lifestyle and a great insight into the mentality of preppers and survivalists.

A great start to what seems to be another intense and captivating series, can’t wait to see how Kendra Elliot will evolve Mercy Kilpatrick on a personal level as well as professionally. “A Merciful Truth” will follow “A Merciful Death”.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via Net Galley for an honest review.



The Red Stone Security Series by Katie Reus seems to be expanding by leaps and bounds as we get to meet the extended members and their happily ever after. And I’m sure I had mentioned innumerable times that this series is one of my top favorites to-go-to-when-I-need-a-lift-kind of books, and I keep revisiting this series every time my heart craves some danger and romance all rolled into one…and this is the last of the series.


Book 15 and the final of the series, “Lethal Game” is just as explosive as the previous Red Stone stories, bringing Graysen West to woo back Isa Harper back into his life. As a CIA circumstances had Graysen betraying Isa Harper and now leaving the CIA and pulling all strings to become an employee of Red Stone Security is just the beginning of his battle for love.

Isa has finally left a painful past and has made a good life for herself with Red Stone, a small group of friends she calls family and a job that gives her satisfaction. Coming face to face with Graysen is a slap in her face, yet she agrees to work with him to get him out of her system once and for all. And working together to stop a team of terrorists only brings them closer and hopefully can get past the betrayal and hurt to have a future together.

Another captivating and short story revolving around Red Stone Security, “Lethal Game” is a fitting conclusion to the series and the epilogue is touching and sweet.

I will miss this series a lot!!!!

Received an ARC from KR Press LLC, via NetGalley for an honest review.

Have you guys visited the little town of Chance, Nebraska, prone to tornados of the weather kind and so much more of the tempestuous kind? Definitely all twisted up and tangled up in the game of love and passion!


Book two of Erin Nicholas’s Taking Chances series, has Max Grady chasing the storm of his lifetime with Bree McDermott. Adrenaline junkies they may be, but Max is feeling the need to put roots and Bree is all tangled up in inexplicable feelings of passion, care, love and the big commitment of life.

“Tangled Up” is one of those books that had to be read every word to feel the emotions, taste the passion, understand the sublime dynamics of Chance, enjoy the witty dialogues and savor the wholesome love story that Erin Nicholas created with so much care, depth and detail, created in tangent with “Twisted Up”

And this is where her prowess as a writer, a master of imagination and the queen of plotting is seen firsthand. Max and Bree will warm themselves into our hearts as they work out their fears and insecurities between heating up the sheets and cooling off with ice cream!

Do not miss one single line of this love story with its depth of emotions, wealth of family and friends, bucketful of witty banter and topped with hot fudge and cherry of love!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

Laura Trentham’s Falcon Football Series continues to be captivating and charming as I finally get to her third book, “Melting Into You”, as the city returned artist Lilliana Hancock is busy melting the hard demeanor of Alec Grayson.

With a NFL career gone south due to an injury and betrayed by close ones, Alec Grayson lives his dreams being the quarterback coach for the Falcon High School. Caring deeply and wanting to help teenagers keep off of the streets and give them a better chance at fulfilling their dreams, Alec would risk getting hurt and personally involved to help them.


And Lilliana Hancock was never a part of his life and his goal. Coming to Falcon to turn her father’s home into a B&B hasn’t been easy, yet is a better plan than being a struggling artist in the Big Apple. Although making out with Alec, who also happens to be the town contractor, was never on her agenda.

Attraction has a way to bring people together, chemistry is a powerful element to bond and empathy and helpfulness is a common goal that brings Alec and Lilliana together as they try to sort through the fears and insecurities, past hurt and betrayal and come to grips of their for each other.

Another charming book by Laura Trentham, “Melting Into You” is a warm hearted read definite to bring a smile, a tear, a chuckle and the pleasure of reading a sweet love story.

Received an ARC from St. Martins Press via NetGalley for an honest review.

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