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Delores Fossen is one of the most lovable and warm persons I ‘ve had the pleasure of reading. With equal doses of romance and danger, with and charm, and throw in those hardworking and sexy McCord Brothers and we’ve got a charismatic love story.


Captain Riley McCord is back home in Spring Hill, TX recuperating from an injury and taking a break from being in the Air Force. Coming back also brings back childhood memories and of his lost love, Claire Davison. Settling her late grandfather’s estate may keep Claire busy along with raising her son. But her heart beats for Riley, and the lost years only strengthen that love. With Claire being given the job of keeping an eye on Riley, hiding her feelings only gets harder and being close to Claire only makes him want to spend the rest of his life with her.

With lots of unanswered questions and Claire’s dynamite of a son thrown into the equation, Claire and Riley get a second chance to give themselves a happily ever after. Down to earth and with the entire town of Spring Hill meddling, “Texas On My Mind” is a warm read of family and support, friends and care.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.

I love Delores Fossen and her simmering lawmen guarding under the big Texas sky. From one series to another she creates romance filled with danger and suspense, captivating and spell binding stories of love, support and families.


The Appaloosa Pass Ranch Series kicks off with the “Lone Wolf Lawman”, as the Texas Ranger Weston Cade is drawn into the web of a serial killer. His search lands him in the home of his one night love Addie Crockett, and who’s DNA matches the serial killer.

Adopted and raised with love and a line of brothers who adore her, Addie Crockett lands in the crossfire of the killer who happens to be her father. Yet as the danger and bullets fly in galore, it looks like there is more than one killer and secrets that unravel may be the death of the good people. And Addie definitely is not going to risk her unborn child.

Interesting story, charming characters and a bountiful of suspense and danger, “Lone Wolf Lawman” is a racy start to another of Delores’s fascinating stories.

Received an ARC from Harlequin Intrigue via NetGalley for an honest review.

The little town of Sweetwater Springs has seen its share of evil and death. Amidst the shadows, the series also saw the sage of the McKinnon family and Calder family coming together but on opposite ends of a murder that their mother is being put on trial. Relationships have gained, trust has been birthed and the murderer revealed along with secrets that have been buried for long.

This series ends with FBI Agent Seth Calder caught in the middle of the drama along with his family adversary, the annoying Shelby Braddock, the very daughter of the man murdered that put his mother on trial.


Shelby wants to get to the bottom of the murder that rocked her childhood and her nosing around puts her life in danger. Seth is hell bent on keeping Shelby alive for his own peace of mind and not to mention that he’s fallen for her hard. With bullets flying and secrets coming into light, both Seth and Calder have a battle on their hands to save themselves and that of their family members.

Sizzling with romance and pumping with danger, “A Lawman’s Justice” takes us to the conclusion of the series. Delores Fossen keeps the suspense going until the very end, keeping us enthralled and captivated. It is wonderful to re-visit the siblings as they all rally together to keep their family safe. With trust questioned, danger at every turn, and evil manipulating until the very end, the story keeps adrenaline going and heart beating fast.

Will miss this series for sure.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.

The saga and the thrill at Sweetwater Ranch continue with the fifth book in the series “The Deputy’s Redemption” by Delores Fossen. The series can be read as stand alones, but reading them in sequence is so much more satisfying.

Deputy Colt McKinnon of Sweetwater Springs comes face to face with a past that turns out to be a battle against danger and saving his family from death. Saving Elise Nichols in the dead of the night from a killer was not on his menu and neither is the attraction and love he had for all these years flare up and consume with a passion, a love dangerous enough to put his family at risk.


Elise Nichols grew up with the McKinnon family, and now fourteen years later returns to Sweetwater Springs as the star witness in Colt’s mother’s trial. Elise is not immune to the attraction and love she had for Colt all those years ago and having him safe her life only strengthens her love for him. But being the star witness with revelations that can tear apart the McKinnon family, and a killer stuck to her back, she has no hope of building on a desire that she may never live to see.

The McKinnon family gets under your skin, and you can’t but help read the series. Delores Fossen keeps the suspense going strong as she weaves a story around each member of the McKinnon family. She does a brilliant job of incorporating sub plots, without losing sight of the primary plot or its key elements. And so true with her writing, Delores doesn’t cut corners creating Colt and Elise, two strong characters, needing each other yet independent, fighting for justice in the face of danger, and courageous enough to accept their feelings in the midst of deathly chaos and follow their hearts.

“The Deputy’s Redemption” is another sizzling story of redemption of love, of forgiveness and acceptance and of a family that supports and protects their own, no matter what. With danger dogging every page, adrenaline coursing through every word, and with love and trust on the line, “The Deputy’s Redemption” is a must read.

Received a copy from Harlequin Intrigue via Net Galley for an honest review.

Delores Fossen’s second book in her series Sweetwater Ranch is as good and adrenaline pumping story as the first. “Cowboy Behind The Badge” offers another heady rush of suspense and thrill.

Texas Ranger Tucker McKinnon sure wasn’t looking for trouble when Laine Braddock breaks into his house and he definitely was not looking for double trouble when he sees Laine is hiding two adorable newborns in his pantry. From the time he finds Laine, Tucker is thrown into triple trouble as he tries to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the twins.

Laine Braddock, a psychiatrist, is thrown into a whirlwind of danger the minute she is thrust with the safety of the newborns and witnesses the murder of the twins’ mother. She has no other choice but get to the sanctuary of Tucker, if she wants to live to take care of the babies.


Tucker and Laine have a history together before a murder puts them on two sides of the fence. Yet as they fight together to save the babies, they discover that the spark between them was never doused and the passion kindles into a fire. A fire that they have to control to save the babies and put an end to a baby adoption farm gone the evil way.

Page after page of suspense, twists and danger is what Delores gives us in her second book in the series. Trust and support are tested, integrity and love stands trial and passion and justice wins it all. Tucker and Laine are two strong individuals and make one kick-ass couple. I liked the fact that the characters got more attention and more personality invested in them.

A sparkling five star enjoyable read!

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